ForRace GT2D

ForRace GT2D

ForRace GT2D


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Experience a realistic race that you have not experienced in 2D. In Forrace, you can race with hundreds of cars on dozens of tracks. You can earn money and trade cars. You can make modifications to strengthen your cars. You can get a driver’s license to participate in races. It is very comprehensive 2d racing game.

Co-Op Split Screen Race Avaible !
You can now race two people in Split screen!

2D Realistic Driving Experience
Each car has its own speed, starting, braking power, turning power. Control each car with its unique style on challenging tracks!

Driver’s License Challenges
There are 5 licenses in total B-A-IB-IA-S. Each license has 8 different stages. In order to participate in the races, you need to get your driver’s license first!

300+ Cars
More than 300 cars, dozens of brands! Participate in challenging races with cars from A-B-C-D-S-Rally-Formula Classes!

45 Race Tracks
Race on multiple racetracks. Don’t forget to brake when taking challenging curves. Pay attention to factors such as Grass, Sand and Snow. Each track has its own type. Try not to go out of the way to pass the race!

350+ Race Stages
Participate in hundreds of races categorized as Beginner, Professional, Extreme, Endurance and Rally. Try to finish all races in the top 3 places. Complete races and win cash and surprise rewards!

Car Upgrade & Modification
You can increase the power of the car you purchased. You can increase and change many features of the car such as taking off speed, braking power, maximum speed, turning power. If you want, you can attach personalized parts to your car such as exhaust, wings and lighting.

Rally Races
Are you ready to race with Off Road cars on the dirt? Race on challenging race tracks with lots of rally cars. Try to get into the top 3 rankings. Win the rally challenge.

Formula Races
Get ready for a fight with Formula Cars at full speed! Challenge the fastest cars in the world. Try to beat all Formula races.


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