Tricky Taps

Tricky Taps

Tricky Taps


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Use the levers to roll and bounce the ball along the twisty roads, without letting it drop or hit the spikes!

Keep an eye out for tons of super-cool and tricky obstacles to jump and bounce out off or avoid. Collect gems and stars which are not so easy to get as you make your way through the Tricky Taps twisted levels. Don’t worry if you don’t succeed the first time, try again and think of a way to get them!

Looking for more challenges? Try the endless mode! Play on random levels by going from one to another without any break until you lose your guard and lose. See how far you can go in one sitting and try to beat your record!

All the gems you earn can be spent on ball skins and their trails. Buy and select the skin of a spiked ball or cookie and add a trail of rainbows or hearts. Change the look of your ball and roll with your favorite skin!

– try to complete over 150 levels full of arcade action and get all the stars!
– use the levers to roll and bounce your ball
– avoid all kinds of obstacles placed on the levels
– beat your records in endless mode!
– listen to catchy soundtrack
– play your new amazing time-killer

Ready to roll the ball? Let’s bounce!


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