Apex Heroines

Apex Heroines

Apex Heroines


Whether you’re in handheld mode or TV mode, you can always enjoy gaming at full resolution and 60FPS. The Nintendo Switch™ edition of this game will come with a “Nintendo Switch™ exclusive character outfit,” which can be obtained at the NPC of outfit store.

+ Can’t Stop the Adrenaline Rush. Enjoy limitless dodging, infinite sprinting, zero cooldowns on abilities, and instant enemy eliminations. Controls are user-friendly, making it easy for beginners. Yet, higher levels demand skilled tactics and strategies.

+ Six Playable Characters. Each character boasts distinctive traits and entirely different combat styles, offering a fresh gameplay experience.

+ Five Types of Weapons. Each offering a unique combat style and feel. If you find yourself struggling, a simple weapon swap could turn the tide of battle.

+ Diverse and Challenging Levels. Some levels demand high levels of skill, while others require strategic thinking. But no matter the challenge, you’ll always find a way to triumph—it’s all up to you!

In the Ghost Zone Where Humans Dare Not Tread
Signals of metahuman activity have been detected. You’ll step into the shoes of a rookie member of the Metahuman Watch, joining forces with five teammates to venture into this enigmatic realm. Your mission? To fight fire with fire and unravel the dark secrets lurking behind the scenes.

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