Lily in Puzzle World

Lily in Puzzle World

Lily in Puzzle World


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Take the roll of Lily, a gleeful oblong sprite drawn into a childlike world of black-and-white sketches with splashes of bright color! Lily takes joy in completing the many puzzling challenges of her minimalistic world, but she will soon find that the more puzzles she solves, the more complex her obstacles will become.

Lily in Puzzle World is a 2D platformer filled with single-screen challenges, where Lily’s objective is to traverse each stage to reach a door and move on to the next puzzle. If Lily fails, she’ll instantly respawn at the beginning of the level so she can try again, so there’s not too much to worry about. In addition to reaching doors, Lily can also collect special coins, one for each stage placed in rather tricky spots. Can she collect them all?


• Glide left or right and hop across 50 unique puzzle stages!
• Change shape to fit through tight spaces and reach switches.
• Avoid perilous traps, from spikes to arrows and more!
• Respawn and retry stages as many times as it takes.
• Collect bonus coins placed in tricky spots in each level!


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