Master Ninja Shuriken Killer

Master Ninja Shuriken Killer

Master Ninja
Shuriken Killer


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Welcome to the mysterious and action-packed world of Master Ninja – Shuriken Killer! In this thrilling game, you will step into the shoes of a skilled ninja, ready to put your skills to the test in battles against the most formidable enemies.
Game Modes:
• Classic Mode – Experience traditional ninja battles, perfect your shuriken skills and defeat enemies in a classic battle setting.
• Bomb Mode – Take control of powerful bombs with an adjustable fire radius, adding an explosive twist to your ninja arsenal.
• Hostage Mode – Test your accuracy and decision making as you rescue hostages while eliminating enemies. Challenge yourself by making sure you don’t harm the hostages while taking down your enemies.
• Friendly Fire Mode – Engage in shuriken projectile combat against enemies, but now, be careful as you have the potential to get hurt. Stay alive in this challenging mode.
Master your ninja skills, unlock game modes with a variety of different maps, and collect stars as you embark on an exciting adventure filled with obstacles, enemies, and hostages.


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