100 Demon Fantasia

100 Demon Fantasia

100 Demon Fantasia


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The main characters, two shrine maiden sisters named “Kaguya” and “Setsuna,” were living a peaceful life. However, their life changes dramatically when the seal of a powerful demon clan is broken. This demon clan was once a ferocious family that devoured most of humanity. With their revival, humanity faces a crisis. They are trying to eradicate almost all of humanity. Only “Kaguya” and “Setsuna,” who possess the power of the seal, can reseal them. The fate of humanity lies in the hands of these sisters. Can they indeed save humanity!?

Game Systems:

-Lock-On System
-Triple attack, guard, dash, evade, jump, and more.
If you can’t avoid an enemy, please guard.
-When you successfully dodge or dash away from an enemy’s attack, it’s your chance.
-Deliver a triple attack!
-Stamina System
-You can’t perform continuous attacks or continuous evasions! -Stamina management is important in this game!
-It’s dangerous to be surrounded by multiple enemies!
-Use evasion, jump, or dash to reposition yourself.
-You can use recovery items even during combat.
-Save & Load System
Various biomes including forests, deserts, labyrinths, lava castles, and underground castles.

Time to hunt down some demons!

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