Dani and Evan Dinosaur books

Dani and Evan Dinosaur books

Dani and Evan
Dinosaur books


Discover new adventures with dinosaurs in Dani and Evan: Dinosaur books. These young dinosaur explorers will help us read in a totally different way.

Find treasures by exploring different jungles and lakes, learn about these mythical beings as you play and read adventure books in a whole new way thanks to this dinosaur game for kids.

Dani and Evan: Dinosaur books is available in 8 languages: Spanish, English, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Russian and Japanese. These stories are created so that children start reading while having fun playing, exploring and learning to read and about their favorite dinosaurs.

In Dani and Evan: Dinosaur books you will find their first book “The Secret of the Dinosaurs” with:

· 8 chapters to read and have fun
· 7 dinosaur games
· 7 exploration areas
· 8 dinosaurs which you will discover
· A secret “dinosaur”, will you be able to find it?
· New information about dinosaurs to learn
· Questions to check your knowledge
· Explorer’s notebook where you can collect all the information while reading.

Discover different dinosaurs such as the T-rex, the velociraptor or the iguanodon among others in this educational game, which includes amazing dinosaur games for kids.

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