Never Be Afraid Slam Dunk

Never Be Afraid Slam Dunk

Never Be Afraid
Slam Dunk


Elevate your game and unlock your true potential in the fearless world of NeverBeAfraid SlamDunk. Embrace the challenge, take on formidable teams, and immerse yourself in an unparalleled gaming experience. How will you respond to the call of greatness?

Embark on an epic basketball journey that transcends the ordinary. Sail through the hardwood seas, engaging in a swashbuckling adventure that pushes the boundaries of traditional gameplay. The court is your canvas, and it’s time to paint a masterpiece.

Experience basketball without limits as you gather a roster of legendary talent, crafting the ultimate starting five. Dominate the hardwood in every season, turning your vision into a reality. It’s not just a game; it’s a quest to achieve greatness.

Step into the arena and let the magic of slam dunks unfold. Seize the ball, navigate the lane with finesse, and unleash thunderous dunks that reverberate through the arena. Dribble, dunk, score, and emerge victorious. Your journey to MVP begins now in NeverBeAfraid SlamDunk!

Includes quick tutorial to bring you up to speed.

You can perform the following actions to unlock new players :
(a) Slam Dunk
(b) Bump
(c) Steal
(d) Collect Stars from match win.
(e) Collect Coins from match win.

Key Features of Basketball Strike:
– Immerse yourself in breathtaking, screen-shaking slam dunks that redefine the meaning of spectacular.
– Unleash your creativity by customizing players, balls, and courts to reflect your unique style and personality.
– 20 players to unlock
– 4 courts to unlock
– 10 balls to unlock

Rule : Score 5 slam dunk streak to win match!
Hint : Left Stick or Right Stick for more precise control of the player.


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