Noobs Want to Live

Noobs Want to Live

Noobs Want to Live


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Suddenly found yourself in Peachville wanting to train your power? Beware, the land is wrought with peril! If you are to escape Death, it is vital you choose your skills wisely and vanquish the monster horde! Your goal is simple: to survive.

Noobs Want to Live is a fast-paced roguelike featuring several characters and a large pool of skills to choose from (that synergize with one another, too!) Create your own builds as you lay waste to the monster horde.

You have but one goal: to survive. Spend your hard-earned money on skills to grow in power and create powerful synergies to vanquish the demon denizens of Peachville!

【Multiple Unique Characters】
We have it all (or some)! The sword master hero, the fireball totting maiden, a mechanically adept summoner, a great yellow canine who literally creates gold, a master of bacon… Well, each character is unique, to say the least!

【Powerful Skill Synergies】
Master specific skills that create synergies with one another to cause mayhem and destruction. In Peachville, 1+1 is not 2, it is at least 4.5! What devastating synergies are there, you ask? You’ll just have to figure that out for yourself! How many synergies can you find today?

【Reroll Skills & Change Your Stars】
Each upgrade may be what takes you from wimp to hero! Spend gold to reroll your skill selections! Oh, and gain meta-progression in the shape of talent points to make your runs easier as you progress!

【Cardboard Cutouts & Massive Mayhem】
Finely crafted cardboard cutout characters give the game a unique and fun feel as you fight your way to godhood! Come and give the monsters a whack as you blow up the screen with fireballs and black holes, and then some!


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