The jump guys

The jump guys

The jump guys


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This game is a physics-based platformer. It consists of 40 levels of a platformer that can be played like one player or with friends up to 4 players and a variety of 12 arenas where you will fight with your friends as a team or against each other.

A platformer as a part of the game consists of locations with different physics obstacles. 1 – the main obstacle is a trampoline. 2 – the main obstacles are an ice, a sled, snowballs. 3 – the main obstacles are a rope and logs on the water. 4 – a jetpack. Each location has a candy which you have to carry to the finish of the level. You can pass a level without a candy, by doing a speedrun only but you have to keep in mind that a candy and speedrun give you stars which you can use to open new levels. These levels will be passed by you or you with your friends by a network multiplayer or local multiplayer.

The game has 12 different arenas also.
– basketball
– football
– soccer
– volleyball
– the last life
– boxes to one row
– collecting
– death match
– catch up
– obstacle course
– holding a flag

Have fun with friends as you like. These arenas have a jetpack which changes the gameplay radically


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