Welcome to Membal: Your Town, Your Memory!
Immerse yourself in a charming world where city reconstruction goes hand in hand with caring for your mind. In Membal, you’ll embark on a unique adventure, full of adorable fun and gratifying mental challenges.

Your Personal Adventure:
□ Build and Grow Your City: have you ever dreamed of being the architect of your own town? In Membal, it’s possible! Rebuild from scratch and grow your city step by step, creating a vibrant and welcoming place for its inhabitants.
□ 140+ Unique Animal Neighbors: discover a diverse and endearing community of furry, scaly, and feathery characters. Each has its own personality and special abilities. Invite them to your city and connect with their unique stories!
□ Decorate and Express Your Style: let your creativity shine by decorating your town to your liking. Additionally, customize your avatar with a variety of outfits, hairstyles, and mobile wallpapers. Unlock new elements as you progress in the game!

Develop Your Mind Through Play:
□ Engaging and Beneficial Mini-Games: Over 25 carefully designed mini-games to keep your mind active. From visual challenges to long-term memory tests, each game is an opportunity to learn and improve!
□ Strengthen Your Memory, Enrich Your Life: In Membal, memory training goes beyond games; it’s a powerful tool to strengthen the mind. Memory is invaluable in daily life, and enhancing it is not only fun but also beneficial for people of all ages, especially those looking to maintain mental sharpness! Playing memory games can also assist in cases of Alzheimer’s. Memory challenges are crafted to offer a beneficial and enjoyable experience for all players.
□ Motivating Challenges: Conquer 60 unique challenges and unlock achievements that mark your progress and skill in the game. Showcase your abilities and complete each objective to become a memory master in Membal!

I’m Goca, an independent developer from Barcelona. My new video game, Membal, is a serene game filled with adorable animals, aiming to train memory while enjoying the construction of a small village.
This game is truly important to me because the idea of a memory training game came to me when I was about 16, and my aunt was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. I wanted to create a game to help her and others with memory issues. Perhaps it was naive and innocent, but I was genuinely focused on making it happen. Back then, I did almost all the art, but lacked the coding skills. After 5 years of developing my own games, I finally decided to finish it. I had to redo all the art, and now, I’ve finally brought it to life.
Unfortunately, my aunt passed away two years ago. Therefore, I decided this game would be a tribute to her, making her one of the main characters assisting the player. I hope this game can help those in need and those seeking to enhance their memory and keep their minds active!


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