LUNARiA Virtualized Moonchild

LUNARiA Virtualized Moonchild

-Virtualized Moonchild-


LUNARiA -Virtualized Moonchild-, a Kinetic Novel from Key, is now available on Nintendo Switch™!
Set in the near future, the paths of a genius gamer from Earth and an AI dwelling in a server on the moon become intertwined in this emotional tale of hardship and love!

Available in three languages!
The text can be set to English, Simplified Chinese, or Japanese (audio is in Japanese only). This includes in-game text, options, and the digital manual. Language settings can be changed at any time.

Enjoy full versions of the opening songs!
Includes the full versions of the opening songs:
– Opening Theme 1, “LUNAR RISE”
– Opening Theme 2, “PRISM PRINCESS”
Once you’ve finished reading the story, you can listen to these tracks by selecting EXTRAS > MUSIC from the Title Screen.

SkyOut Forever is a cutting-edge VR combat racing game. And even though T-Bit is only a high school student, this genius gamer is leagues ahead of the competition. Day after day, he logs into SkyOut to rake in the prize money.

One day, he wanders into a mysterious space called Lunar World, a moon-based server that no one is aware even exists. There, he meets an AI avatar by the name of Lunar-Q.

Claiming to be a rejected mascot for a lunar development project, she hopes to one day see the Earth for herself…

*There are no choice-based story branching elements in this game.

Scenario: Takeshi Matsuyama
Illustrations: humuyun / Sora Saeki
Sound Producer: Shinji Orito

Lunar-Q VA: Minami Tanaka
T-Bit VA: Takahide Ishii
Con Momosaki VA: Yuki Wakai
Myau Myov VA: Anna Yamaki
*Fully voiced


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